Soft Landscaping

For many people, creating the perfect garden is all about the plants and flowers. At Taming Mother Nature, we’re a soft landscaping company that understands how different plants work together to create a balanced and attractive look that requires as much, or as little, work to maintain as you’re comfortable with.

Whether you want a sea of colour or a world of topiary, we can manage everything from seeding and planting to tree planting and garden design. With many years of experience as a soft landscaping contractor, we understand how the way we use our plants can create colours, smells and moods in our gardens.

What is soft landscaping?

Soft landscaping, or softscaping, comprises the work that goes into the living elements in your garden, including your plants, flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, hedges and lawn. That can include activities such as planting, watering, weeding, pruning, mowing, fertilising and many others.

Get in touch with us now to find out more about soft landscaping services from Taming Mother Nature, or to arrange a free site visit and competitive, no-obligation quote. Our services are available in Kingswood, Dorking, Reigate and the surrounding areas.

fresh grass next to to hedge