Crown Reduction & Thinning

The crown of a tree includes its branches and leaves, but not the trunk. Successful management of the crown can produce a more balanced and pleasing shape, while also allowing the tree to let through more light and eliminating shade over your house and garden or those of a neighbour.

Our tree surgeons offer a range of tree services that can have a number of beneficial effects both on the tree itself and on the rest of your garden. These include:

  • Crown reduction – reducing the crown’s height and/or spread to let more light pass through and thus reduce the amount of shade in your garden, while also reducing any stress on individual branches
  • Crown thinning – removing secondary branches creates a more balanced structure to a tree without necessarily changing its size or shape
  • Crown lifting – removing lower branches to create more space between the ground and lower branches; this also reduces the weight of the tree, and again allows more light to pass through
  • Tree topping – topping a tree involves removing the top of a tree’s central stem along with its upper main branches

Pollarding & Pruning

Tree pollarding involves pruning a tree’s upper branches. This will stop the tree growing above a certain height, so that it doesn’t interfere with overhead cables or street lights, or perhaps to prevent your tree intruding on neighbouring properties.

Pollarding also has the benefit of promoting fresh growth of new shoots and leaves; as these tend to be more attractive and colourful than older ones, the practice can also leave you with a nicer looking tree!

Taming Mother Nature is an established tree service company that offers all kinds of tree care to customers in and around Reigate, Dorking and Kingswood. Our experienced tree surgeons can assess the state of your trees and provide expert advice on the best way to improve their appearance as well as eliminate any negative impact on surrounding areas.

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