Decorative Garden Walling

Decorative garden walling can add a delightful rustic appearance to any outdoor space and provide the perfect finishing touch to a traditional or cottage garden design. Taming Mother Nature is a leading stone wall contractor offering this much sought after but hard to find service to customers in and around Kingswood, Dorking and Reigate.

Dry stone walling involves constructing garden walls without using any kind of mortar. It is the skill used by the dry stone waller when putting the bits of stonework together during the build that provides the stability to walls constructed using this historic and visually appealing method.

We can also provide a selection of other hard landscaping solutions to go with your dry stone wall.

Retaining Walls

The main purpose of retaining walls is to prevent soil on a slope from falling forward, but they can also help add structure to a garden. Not to mention that they can improve drainage and prevent erosion. And if you use the right materials by using attractive stonework or even by creating a railway sleeper retaining wall, they can look fantastic, too.

For more information on dry stone walling, garden retaining walls and other garden wall ideas, get in touch with the team at Taming Mother Nature. We work in Kingswood, Dorking, Reigate and the surrounding areas.

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