Tree Stump Grinding

When you’ve had to have a tree felled and you’re left with an old stump, it can not only have a negative impact on the appearance of your garden, it can also get in the way or even potentially be a health hazard as it starts to rot. At this point, you have to decide whether to have it ground down or removed altogether.

Stump grinding is the less intrusive means of solving the problem. It does leave the roots in the ground, although these should rot down over time. How far down we grind will depend on what you want to do with that bit of your garden – if you want to lay turf afterwards, our stump grinder won’t need to go as far down as it would if you wanted to use the area for planting, for example.

At Taming Mother Nature, we offer fast, safe and efficient tree stump grinding that will open up your outside space for whatever future plans you have to improve it.

Tree Stump Removal

For major garden landscaping projects, you may have to opt for stump removal instead of grinding. Naturally, this will involve some serious mechanical digging, but the finished result makes it a better option for doing more with your newly created space.

How big a job it will be will depend on what kind of tree and how old it is, which will determine just how far the roots go down. But once it is out, you’ll have a freshly prepared area that’s free to be landscaped into something far more attractive and/or enjoyable.

Here at Taming Mother Nature, we’re experienced at all kinds of tree work, and can advise whether stump grinding or tree stump removal is the best solution for dealing with your particular stump. Using the latest technology, we can ensure any work is carried out quickly and safely to leave your garden looking at its best.

Contact us now to find out more or to arrange a site visit and a free, no-obligation quote. We work in the areas in and around Kingswood, Dorking and Reigate.

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